Mick Cartwright. Artist.

I trained originally as a potter in the 1970s but had to reconsider my career after a back injury made prolonged periods of throwing pots at the wheel an impossible task. I have been teaching art and design since that time and have continued to develop my own practice when the opportunity has allowed. I resumed my own education in 2000 when an MA course at Exeter College of Art and Design triggered a new impetus in my work.

My current practice is to 'make' paintings from acrylic painted paper, torn and collaged onto canvas. I incorporate grids and stencils of geometric and autobiographical shapes. I am inspired by the process which in this case began with experimental collage as a method for dealing with more traditional seascape themes. Only now, after a life as a potter and teacher, do I believe my ideas to be original and serious enough to warrant the pursuit of a late career as a painter. Having tried to encourage young people for many years to find their own visual voice I've finally convinced myself of the need to do it also. My recent return to study under the inspiring tutelage of the painter John Danvers at Exeter College of Art and Design coupled with my interest in modern and contemporary art; particularly painting are significant factors in the decision to paint full time. My work attempts to extend the language of painting, focussing on the power of artifice and the illusion of representation.

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